a little heat

Over the weekend I experimented a little.  I wanted to get a good picture of a flame so I decided to light a candle. This is one of the better efforts.  I decided I need more hands and a better camera before I try this again, especially if I want to capture the movement of the flame and a smoke trail.  I had to move in so close with my little point and shoot that I was worried about damaging the lens.


candle flame


2 thoughts on “a little heat

  1. Ah, candle flames are difficult to capture nicely. If you do a Google search on “photographing candle flames” there are quite a few sites offering tips.

    Have you tried standing further back (after putting your candle in a stand!) and using the zoom to get a closer view. I’ve had to do this with a couple of my “macro” shots where my or the camera’s shadow kept on being thrown onto the subject. It worked well.

    • I’ll look up the tips, thanks!

      I wanted the focus on the flame, so I ended up literally taking this shot by the candle’s light. I didn’t like my other attempts with overhead lights, zoom and various ISO/exposure settings.

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