in the face of a chameleon

Sunday, I was on my way to the beach in search of something to photograph when I got a call from my Mom.  They spotted a [chameleon] hanging around in their garden, so I went there instead.

I had a lot of fun trying to get a good shot of this shy creature.  It didn’t like the look of my camera and would try to get away from it by slowly sliding around the branch it was on.  It was a really interesting experience, although I’m pretty sure the chameleon was very glad to see the back of me.



8 thoughts on “in the face of a chameleon

    • It stayed this colour the whole time I was bugging it. It blended in pretty well I think. I only spotted it without help because it’s a little “rounder/thicker” than the branch it was sitting on.

    • Thanks!
      It was the first time I came that close, and with the compact I had to get really close – or at least the camera did 😉 Poor creature didn’t much like me in its face.

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