“10mm or less macro” challenge: (1) jumping spider

I got the idea today to challenge myself (and my little camera) to take the best possible macro shots of any subject smaller than 10mm in size.  I’ll share them with you as they come along, and I hope you’ll do the same.  If you want to join the challenge, add the tag “10mm or less macro” to your post so we can find it easily in search engines.  Or add a link to your post in a comment to any of my ‘challenge’ shots.

I’d guess this little jumping spider I found on the garden wall yesterday to be no more than 1cm in size.

jumping spider1



4 thoughts on ““10mm or less macro” challenge: (1) jumping spider

    • I think this is an adult female. It came out after the spiderlings got spooked and ran from the nest. Getting a good shot of her babies with my current camera will be awesome, but I think very unlikely.

      Spider fascination: Okay, maybe you’re right. I found myself pestering two rain spiders in my flat before sun-up this morning. I chased them all over the floor, and up the wall, trying to get good shots without switching on the main light and using only the flash 😀 It made my cat very curious.

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